Saturday, 2 October 2010

End of holidays

One would think I do nothing but knit, but in reality I mostly do other things.

Building furniture, painting furniture, painting again, and a third and fourth thin coat (perfection awaits, I hope), planning what cables I need to go where, spending time online, organising my books into the new book shelves, cooking, doing dishes, doing more dishes, scratching the cat...

Tomorrow is my last day off, monday it is back to work.

Apart from the fact that I got another cold that knocked me out for pretty much two weeks straight, it has been a nice four weeks. I wish I had stayed well, I would have gotten more enjoyment out of the time off. Now it'll be another year. My boss called thursday, and warned me that a lot has happened while I have been away, and gave me some hints to help me adjust, as she said. Love-ly. It is also the start of my new responsibilities at work for real. Scary, exciting. Most probably fun.


  1. Same here, came back from southern France today, back to work tomorrow. Sad isn't it?

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Yes, in a way - but I like my job, luckily, and I am going back to new challenges.


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