Thursday, 14 October 2010


An exhausting trip with work to Åland for four days, and a busy work schedule both before and after means this is the first night in more than a week I have had time to actually sit down at home.

No knitting.
No painting - there's pieces of halfpainted wood everywhere and unbuilt furniture stacked around. Computers not installed, stacked in various corners. Messy messy. Hard to relax.

Linus came home two nights ago, very happy cat, very happy to be home that is. Poor boy. But it is flattering to be so missed. He is patting me, stroking me, instead of opposite now, as if he is reassuring himself that I am real.

Work is so busy - especially mentally, I am being challenged! - that I hardly know where to turn. My nails are bitten painfully short just out of restless energy - and sleep deficiency is catching up. Need to rest soon. Luckily the weekend will hopefully mean just that - as well as getting some stuff done at home.

The knitting projects are many:
Mittens for Cousin Lisbeth
Mittens for myself (buscard mittens)
Mittens for myself (testing to knit in alpaca)
Pineapple hat (entrelac in a speckled brown colour with a green pompom on top)
I want to knit blue gloves out of the same yarn the fish head is made of
I want to knit tabi socks
I have some really nice tweedlooking alpaca yarn in a beautiful petrol colour I want to do something nice with
I have some totally great blue soft stuff I bought together with the petrol alpaca at the work trip (I escaped for half an hour) I think I want to knit a hat out of
I have the Samo hat+snood I began in Norway

The list goes on!

Hardly know where to start.
Actually I do. The cousin mittens. But after that I dunno. :)

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