Saturday, 18 September 2010


It is election year in Sweden. Media is filled with politics, and roadsides are plastered with "vote for me me me me!" posters.

I voted yesterday, in advance. Not being a Swedish citizen, I am not allowed to vote in the national elections only the local. In that sense it was easy for me: I simply considered what affects my daily life the most of the questions raised by the various parties, and the biggest factor was easy to pinpoint: public transportations.

What seriously bothered me was that my votes, individually put in sealed envelopes, were then put in a bigger envelope together with my voting card (containing my name and adress). Then these were together put into the urn. Anonymous voting ftw... The purpose of this is to get the area you live in correct, because stupidly enough voting in stockholm is arranged much like in the US or UK - by region. And even if a person/party gets alot of votes overall they might not get a slot because the votes weren't enough in any single area. Which makes it a stupid system in my opinion. Still, I think the identification of the area could have been done in an anonymous way. Like a tear off part on the voting card which was added to the envelope, without any personal identification on it.

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