Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Early autumn update

Still have that persistent cold, and I no longer have any hope of being well by thursday. Today I am working - holding three workshops, to be specific - and I just hope I can keep talking that long without my nose going all runny on my. In the worst case I guess I'll just have to plug my nose with paper and keep going.. ;)

At some point I have to pack. I hate packing. My short-term memory isn't good enough to keep track of what I put in the bag and what I haven't put in the bag, so unless I use lists which I double check I might wind up with a very strange combination of things to bring. Still; it is going to be fun, I hope. More than three years since I last was in those parts of Norway, which are after all the place I feel most at home in that strange country.

Otherwise? Got an insect bite in the middle of my palm, and it is itching like mad. What kind of fucked up bugs bite you in the middle of the palm only? Spiders in the fruit at the supermarket?
Guess that is what I get for not being persistent with wearing gloves. Yep - as far as I am concerned it is autumn which means I get to wear gloves, scarves, hats, boots. Yay!

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