Friday, 24 September 2010

Black, blacker, blackest shadow of the night

After building furniture and moving stuff around for almost nine hours, I finally realised that just eating a few slices of toast for the entire day wouldn't suffice and that part of my hyperness came from not having eaten, which gave everything a strange unreal shine and had my mind buzzing. Around the same time I realised that having something to eat for breakfast would be a good thing also.

So at 2120 I put on shoes to head down to the local supermarket to look for dinner. After getting groceries however, I decided it was such a nice night - crisp autumn air, moonlight, etc - so, groceries in hand, I went for a brisk walk exploring streets and parks I hadn't been in before.

It was so lovely being out - walking among trees, just standing there looking up at them silhouetted against the moonlit skies, spinning, walking on, going the wrong way, backtracking to not wind up on the wrong side of the rail tracks. I am deeply attracted to shadows when I am out on such nights, and kept going towards the blackest shadows I could see. I don't like being exposed in the light, I suppose. Street lights are scary, too. Hiding in the shadows I feel safer, more relaxed. But, this being a suburb to a city, no shadow were really deep enough for me.

And then, spinning around in the blackness under some big pines, looking up, tiredness caught up to me and hit me on the back of the head.

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