Wednesday, 8 September 2010


My vacation officially started friday after work, but yesterday I "forgot" and went in anyway. It was somewhat planned; I held three different workshops for three different groups of people. And it was fun! I remembered that I like my job, why I like my job, and was all day going <3 at my colleagues, although I think they wouldn't know.  My uncurable optimism again came to the fore - maybe because I had gotten three good nights sleep and felt better from the cold and thus better than I have felt since before summer.

Today then became the first real off day - and was celebrated by
1) doing as little as possible (printing tickets for tomorrow, doing dishes, sending a last e-mail to my boss)
2) eating two hefty pieces of meat, with a symbolic amount of fries, and drinking Hansa (which is a Norwegian beer, hailing from the west coast, for you uninitiated people out there).

Tomorrow lots of things are happening - or should happen. 
Bringing Linus over to his step-siblings Nestor and Nemesis, where he will stay while I am gone.
Catching a bus to the airport, and then getting on the right plane to Bergen/Norway - after managing to get myself through security.
Finding my sister at the airport - I hope!


  1. What are you doing in the workshops?
    Have a nice vacation >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. My brain just broke down and it seems too much an effort to figure out how to explain in English. Thus:

    Samtaleteknikk, mersalg, kommunikasjonsverktöy, mm.


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