Monday, 26 July 2010

Too slow to catch the good weather

Just as I managed to find swimwear that fits me and that I can imagine being seen publicly in, the weather turned cold. And while I adore the cool weather, I also like being in water (in controlled forms, and without small fishies around me, yep, I am scared of swimming). Hmm. Ah well, I will just have to hope the heatwave does a comeback soon.. So I can go and float around in water. For now I quite enjoy wearing jeans and sweaters again...

Instead: Frozen mango or raspberry smoothies, board games, good food, books (a few Hillerman novels among other things), extremely good company, and a broken neck. Not broken bones, but out of order neck, that is. Completely blocked, probably around the height of my shoulder blades, but it locked up all of the left arm, back and neck. Hooray. And bonecrackerdude ("my" chiropractor) seems to be abroad (when trying to call him his phone sounds british or american, bad sign).

What else? Work as usual... no summer holidays for me, instead september holidays in the cool weather. At the moment I could imagine going somewhere which will be warm at that point where I can pretend to swim where I can stand in the water, but there is of course the issue of me not wanting to go anywhere alone. And catsitters, and money, all the usual stuff. Instead I will probably stay at home, read books, catch up on tv series, and be extremely lazy while waiting for the autumn to arrive properly.

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