Tuesday, 1 June 2010


My mp3-player has gotten progressively more unstable over the past year, going through periods where it gave me small electrical jolts in my ears through the phones, making hissy and scratchy noises or perhaps dropping sound on one ear altogether, rebooting suddenly or simply shutting down randomly when a song finished. It is fairly old; 4,5 years it has survived my at times very harsh treatment.

The plan of course was to buy a new one. Problem is, as I've mentioned before I believe, that I cannot quite find one I want. It should be tiny BUT have a screen, it needs to be able to read .ogg files seeing as I am too lazy to re-encode all that music. A cowon-player seems the only option, but I cannot quite find one I actually want, they are either too bulky or have some weird function I don't like (and which have bothered reviewers) or both. Unfortunately Cowon aren't known for their amazing UIs....

So, Mender Sil sets to work. New firmware was tracked down through some diligent searching, and installed with less than optimal instructions available, so I feared for both my computer and the player to be honest. The player was tried opened - I failed this time too but I get it enough open that I can poke a bit, and the sound is thus fixed too, at least until I slam into a wall or a bus seat again.

New life to my i5! Hopefully there will be a model player I want available soon :)


  1. Prisjakt allows to filter on which formats to handle, including ogg

  2. Tack, jag ska titta :)


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