Thursday, 10 June 2010


Tomorrow, Friday, it is ten years since I moved to Sweden.

Cause to celebrate? Perhaps. I feel like it is an anniversary to be marked, anyway.

For some years I have debated whether to get a Swedish citizenship, and I have reached no conclusive answer. If I wouldn't have to give up my Norwegian one, no doubt about it, but I am hesitant to give up what I have and know for something I do not know. Security in the well-known and so forth. I can however not see myself moving back to Norway... unless the political climate there becomes friendlier and Sweden becomes alot worse, perhaps. Thus.. the debate continues in my head.

Tomorrow I will eat good food to mark the day.


  1. I've considered moving many places, but truth is I have a job I like here and some sense of belonging here as well.

    Moving to a place that to me is strange and foreign and where I don't know how the basic society works (health care, filing taxes, banking, labour legislation... - the first I am very dependant upon and the last is much of my job!) seems daunting - as well as pointless. I am not good at building social networks and sacrificing what I have for that green-looking field over there is plain stupid, learnt by experience after three international moves (out of 26 in total).

  2. Yea, good reasons to stay where you are >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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