Sunday, 16 May 2010

The season where everything becomes green

It is spring, finally, and the world is becoming greener for every day. Although I suffer heavily from the pollen, I love the greenery, the plants.

 After talking about it for most of winter I got around to matching myself to my inner self a bit more, and striped my hair in green. Tried going for the natural look - yes, you read right. Natural looking green stripes. They blend fairly well in my hair actually. Unfortunately, my hair being in such good shape since I found a shampoo that actually fulfills all my demands except one*, the colour washes out really quickly and I'll need to re-dye in just a few days.

None of the photos do the colour justice, of course, but they were the best I was able to get at the moment. The colour is actually pretty much the same as when I had dyed the entire hair green.

* Makes my hair clean, and it stays cleanish for 36 hours unless I go do something stupid, it doesn't cause allergy, it doesn't wear on the hair but rather helps keep it healthy, and it makes it frizz-free as a result. The one thing missing? It unfortunately smells like bubble-gum. Yuck!


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