Monday, 5 April 2010

How I spent my easter weekend

Started feeling like I was possibly getting ill thursday, and friday it was definite. The rest of the easter weekend has been spent lying on the couch, or sleeping, fevered and wiping my nose, bored out of my mind but too lethargic to actually do anything - friday I couldn't even listen to music or watch movies or read.

I had to cancel all plans, including gaming and going out and doing things (possibly museums or such or at least going for a walk). Sucks.

Today I am well enough to make attempts at cooking for the first time (it took till yesterday before I actually felt well enough to cut slices off the cheese). Hope it'll only be a couple of days more - thursday I -have- to be at work and well!

Lots and lots and lots of garlic will help I hope.

At least I can sleep again.

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