Sunday, 25 April 2010

Garden makeover

Yesterday afternoon I cut down and threw away both the ivy and the climbing rose. The ivy had frozen and died during winter, only a few limbs were still alive, and the rose was already showing signs of bug-infestations. Leaving the yellow rose for the time being but I know it will eventually have to go as well.

They are going to mummify the house to do some work on the windows and balconies, so I will eventually have to clear out everything I have out there, and that unfortunately means all the plants that won't survive indoors in a darkened room (seeing as the windows will be blocked) will have to go. In that sense this wasn't so bad, it happened a bit earlier than anticipated.

So, I have to start afresh with my balcony garden.

I am thinking about bamboo, and gooseberries. Also more floral, decorative, but easier maintained than the roses - there got to be something out there.

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