Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Itchy itchy itchy

Something went terribly wrong today. With hindsight it could have been avoided – I felt a bit like I was on the brink of an allergic reaction or developing a cold all morning, but did not really think more about why. Went out for lunch with K., and ate things which I can normally (~always) eat without problems but which ARE on the List. An hour after lunch I was itching all over, scratching my scalp bloody, and then I watched the red start spreading from my fingertips and up my arms. Soaking my hands in cold water and using the cold hands on my face helped against the burning feeling, and now, a few hours later, the itching is also slightly better, so not a full-scale outbreak, but …gah. Close and it stressed me out, the itch drives me mad.


Have to think about what I eat for a few weeks, obviously. Hope the new medication is not involved in this!


  1. Jeg tenkte umiddelbart på din nye medisin...... tilsetningsstoffer?.eller at den ikke er så bra allikevel? ha med deg de prednisontbl du har og vær ikke redd for å ta de..

  2. Ehm, jeg har tatt den én gang enn så lenge og fikk reaksjon veldig mye senere, rett etter lunch. Og jeg er fremdeles på telfast i tillegg.

    Og hva er det du vil jeg skal ha med meg og ta? Jeg skjönner ikke.

  3. har ikke du sånne små tbl som du skal ta ved akutt allergianfall? ca 10 tbl?

  4. Conservative food habits will save me yet. And hugs, maybe.


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