Friday, 12 March 2010

Around halfway..

As the mandatory 24 hour layovers where the differences in starting times are adjusted are taken, it is beginning to be visible who is leading. The top four group (King/Mackey/Neff/Seavey) has just above 1,5 hour between them in total - which is NOTHING in this kind of race. As they race down the Yukon this is going to be nail-biting excitement - and that is not even mentioning that there is a huge pack of hungry racers right behind them!

The rookie that is in the lead so far is Michelle Phillips who is taking her 24-hour in Cripple along with several veterans. They are going to be having some energy as they start along the Yukon, so the lead better watch out! I hope Phillips manages to stay in the top ten - a woman as rookie of the year and with such a lead on the next rookie, and if she manages top ten too, would be great.

Go, go Mushers!

Current standings
Route and checkpoints

(It is actually more fun this year as I have no clearcut favourite, there being no Scandinavians over there this year. I can cheer for everybody!)

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