Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I have been busy preparing for the trip to Finland - I am leaving tomorrow - and today my mother is coming here. Thus there has been and will be fairly little activity here for a week or so.

Thursday: Helsinki - meeting up with Hanna, Hanna and Jussi (and possibly others) for some coffee and hanging out. Crashing at Hanna's place, meeting her SO.
Friday: Hanging out with Kasha.
Saturday: Departing for Jyväskylä with a bunch of IRC-people, reunion time! Going to be great so see all the lovely people again after all these years.
Sunday: Back to Helsinki and Hanna.
Monday: Plane back to Stockholm

I suppose I will have opportunity to check my email while I am gone so if you are in .fi, see this and want to catch up with my mad travelling and socialising tour, drop me a comment or send me a mail with contact information and a suggestion.

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  1. Hehe, meeting the SO will be almost a challenge for me as well tomorrow, so let's wish good luck with that one :D


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