Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My point of view affects my opinion of people...

Last time I was at the dentist I disliked the woman immensely and I thus tried to get an appointment with a different one this time. The woman on the phone stonewalled me however and I found myself going to the same. Oh well. “No matter”, I thought. “It is going to cost a fortune anyway, I will just have to tell her to pick the most important items and ignore the rest!”


Well, today I had my appointment and I found myself thinking she is quite a nice lady.


Why this change of mind? Rather simple – she told me there was nothing wrong with my teeth whatsoever except for a sharp edge which she polished smooth for me (no pain!), and that she will see me again for a checkup in a year. All at half the cost of what I expected the appointment to cost!


Yes, a nice lady indeed.



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