Monday, 22 February 2010

Five quick entries

Most of stockholm seems to be blogging about trains and other public transportation. So I will try to avoid that. Suffice to say I never got to work today, after waiting for an hour for a replacement bus for the metro OR for a regular bus, neither of which came, I went home and worked from home the rest of the day. There was people that had been there for two hours.

My cat is very happy that I have been home, and seems completely convinced that it is all for his sake. I think I might harbour similar illusions if I was the one being left at home alone five days a week every week. Loneliness sucks!

I have been thinking, and reminding myself what went wrong with N, because sometimes I think it wasn't so bad. A refresher of what I am (and am not) today versus what I was and what I could have been, and how it got that way, was healthy. All noted down in my notebook.

Yep. I have kept my new year promise and have been rather faithfully writing one page in the notebook daily since newyear. I think maybe I've missed seven days altogether so far which all in all isn't that bad in a fiftythree day stretch. It is not really a diary, I just write what is on my mind. It is for me, and for my eyes, so I can write anything. It is like speaking to myself. Strange business. But probably not bad for me in any way.

And finally: I have baked muffins three out of four weekends lately. I hand them out at work. The last batch actually is with blueberries, thus I will not eat a single one since I don't like blueberries at all. I seem to be on a baking roll though.. and, by the way, large colourful paper muffins forms bought at Åhlens SUCKS. They collapse. Completely.


  1. It could be that they are ment for baking with either silicone or metal a muffin plate. Quite a many muffin baking books sort of hint to that all the time :P

  2. But if you mash the pretty paper forms into metal or silicone forms they will ALSO be crashed and ugly! No difference, really. And most paper forms I have used have not had that problem, only these pink with spots from Å, which obviously suck since they are the deviation.

    I had muffin plates but they didnt make a difference to the crash-level btw...


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