Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Endorphine High

This is probably less funny when I write it here.

Since I have struggled with an aching neck/shoulders and severe headaches and migraines for two weeks I had a chiropractor appointment this afternoon. That went well and my neck is now better. Hopefully it will take out the headaches too.

But the endorphine rush was rather unexpected (I have gotten similar treatments before and not reacted that strongly) - he warned me before I went that my pupils were distended but I didn't comprehend. Result: It took me two hours to get home, instead of about 40 minutes. An hour later I was FURTHER AWAY from home, after making two bad choices and among other things going with a bus in the wrong direction, all the way to the end stop.

Hrrm. Yea. Clever me.


  1. Hehe, cool! :D

    ..though a bit inconvenient.

  2. Yea I wasn't very amused, but at the same time I was feeling too dopey to really care.

  3. No, that is pretty funny.

  4. After 1,5 hours I had gotten to Kungsholmen from Duvbo (about 12 minutes with the metro if you take it the right way and don't take random buses to random places out of your way).


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