Saturday, 27 February 2010

Crash Boom Bang

After missing out of sleep every night this week (unable to fall asleep and when I finally crash I sleep for 1,5-2 hours and then I am bright awake again), I started to crash around lunch friday. To keep going the rest of the day, I applied a caffeine patch - it was lovely, within a minute I could feel my face relaxing and my eyes opening again.

Alot more caffeine (350mg total) and about eight hours later I was home, after participating (for a while anyway) in the company's quarterly meeting+dinner/party. No alcohol for me, not with that tiredness - I would never have gotten home but be found in some snow drift monday.

The great thing about a caffeine high is that you crash...!

And I crashed. Around 11pm the world started spinning and I went to bed. It took a while but I fell asleep, and slept all of seven hours! Doesn't seem much when normally seven hours is the absolute minimum for me to function the day after, but after this week, it was blissful.

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