Thursday, 11 February 2010

A commute without music is threatening on the horizon...

I have a small iAudio flash-player that I bought four years ago. It has served me well and still does, many hours a day, but it is dying - there's a problem with the contact for the headphones and I have to twist the contact a certain way. Also it randomly shuts down and resets itself, and due to its age updating it or fixing it is fairly out of the question.

I need a replacement.

I prefer iAudio (among other things because I have a bunch of .ogg files I can't be bothered to encode to something most players will accept, and because the sound is superior!). I want it to be a small player, NOT something the size of a mobile phone. I have a mobile phone which plays music, its too lumpy and big and annoys me (and it isn't, really, but I prefer the player the size of a memory stick). I don't want a shuffle player, I -like- listening to whole albums, I also like to check what I am listening to since I frequently get new music to bring with me on my commute.

There are iAudios out there but the ones I want (physical size related) are just old enough that I can't find anywhere to buy them. I found one on amazon but they won't send it to Sweden.

HELP ME! Find me a nice small iAudio that will be sent here, or that can be sent via someone nice that will forward it to me!

Being without music on my commute would suck SO much. Music is almost as important as breathing!


  1. Min lille nesten ubrukte mp3 spiller duger vel ikke?

  2. Nei. Den kan ikke lese musikkfilene mine for det förste.


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