Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Writer Emerges

The rough draft of DD: High Tide is done and I of course want to post it at once. Going to re-read it in a few days, I know some of the wordings are off.

I feel that the narrator voice has changed from the Mirror Lake (the introduction) to The Empty Spaces, but perhaps it is not a bad thing, seeing as the first text was rather stylized and enigmatic. I am still moving within the boundaries of the original text (somewhat expanded upon, and irrelevant dream things cut away), and will be with the next text too, but after that I have to start thinking more seriously of where I am heading with this. (High Tide is actually not a part of the original subject, but a linking text to give more background.)

I added links to the texts in the margin, so it will be easier to backtrack.

And for you that don't know what happened: The Mirror Lake which was written an early Thursday morning, summarising a dream I had that night (after being out with the GWU girls the night before, actually), made people ask for more and since I had alot more that I sliced out of the original short text, I complied.

Going to need help and feedback though!

I thought I had shelved writing more or less permanently after enjoying writing very much in my teens, and filling book after book with stories. The stories have remained with me but putting them down in text has not, although I spend hours every day thinking out what happens, dialogue, finding the perfect words. So this is a rough awakening of a sleeping skill which was never properly honed at all. I find I quite enjoy it though.

I have chosen to write in English seeing as 1) it is the language with which I am most comfortable expressing myself 2) I would lose readers by using Norwegian or Swedish 3) it seems to me to be the most flexible of the three languages (or again, maybe it is just a question of control).

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