Thursday, 28 January 2010

Want, but need?

My desktop computer's hardware is six years old. Most of it, anyway - it got a new disk two years ago. It does strange things at times (completely disregarding the partially broken old disk I should discard). I am getting worried about it. I've been thinking a few simple upgrades might do the trick but I am more and more worried that something big will break, like the motherboard or the processor. Ideally it would stay alive for another four years, since ten years active use would be nice. But dunno if it will. Also, there is the thing that the chassi takes SPACE. Thus it is now sitting in a corner with alot of extension cables to things like the monitor etc. Not an ideal solution either.

Kinda want to replace it with an itsy bitsy tiny thing that can sit discretly on top of my bookshelf.

My laptop is four years old and rather ..unstable. Also it is big and lumpy and I never bring it anywhere for that reason. I think that will die first. And I would like to have the replacement on hand before it does. Being without it for even a few days is unthinkable.

I see money leaving my account, that I shouldn't spend :(


  1. iPad? :p
    hey, at least it's small and shiny - you have to give it that!

  2. I don't do apple! No way! Icky!

  3. Why is that?
    I've got an iPod classic 160gb, iPhone 3GS and a Mac Mini. Very happy with all of these gadgets :)

    Looking to get a proper Macbook Pro now to replace my Lenovo Thinkpad that was issued to me by the company. I'll probably pass on the iPad though as I'd only need it if I needed an ebook reader/media device thingie.

    Anyway, even if you'd want to stick with Windows or Linux I think the Macbooks are some of the sturdiest and better laptops around these days - A little bit on the expensive side though, I'll be the first to admit that :)

  4. Too high price for fancy gadgets I don't need. I never got whats supposed to be so good about them. Besides of which I find the design rather boring and ugly... Although most related items share that trait they are CHEAPER. ALOT cheaper.

  5. Yeah, the need part is reflected in your original blog post I suppose. I'm not sure how much anybody really need most of the consumer electronics they aquire... Maslow's pyramid and all that. :p

    As for what's good about macs, I dunno, I just happen to like OS X, got the mac mini just 'cause I wanted to see what it was about, and I find it to be nicer than ubuntu and windows, but that's just a matter of taste really. I think the design of the boxes is nice too, I was always a minimalist though so maybe it's that. I think the Macbook design is miles better than any other laptop I've seen, closest is the Sony VAIO machines, and I like the iPhone design too, but again, just boils down to personal taste. :)

    But I'm not really here to convince you to get a mac or anything else from apple anyway, my original comment was more like a rip on the uselessness of the iPad 'cause I was just done reading about it when I came across your blog post :p

  6. I forgot about the iRage. Almost everyone I know with apple products tend to burst into spontaneous rages when they jumping dancing gadget starts dancing when it isn't supposed to or similar. :D


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