Saturday, 9 January 2010


I packed away the X-mas ornaments, and by careful repacking of the box' content I managed to fit it all back in with space left over. I found a number of sea shells in there, though. Logical! (I haven't the faintest idea why they are there or how they came there, no.)

I have wanted a real drawing table with a transparent light up surface for quite some years. I almost bought one recently, but I have a large (and in honesty perfectly good) desk which I would have needed to get out of here to make space for a drawing table. As I don't have anything deskbound like computers on the desk, it wouldn't have mattered, but the practical issues are immense. Getting it down and into the storage, and will it even fit once we get it down into the bomb room?

I wound up with a budget DIY solution: Two of these from ikea with a glass pane stuck in between them and a cheap spotlight stuck to the desks edge lighting it up from behind. Total cost: Less than 200 SEK (the desk-y things were on sale). And I can pack it up and store it away if I want the surface to become flat again. The threshold for larger drawing projects now dropped radically.


  1. Hva med å henge en lapp nede om at et skrive-/databord gis bort?

  2. Men jeg bruker det jo som tegnebord? Hvorfor skal jeg gi vekk noe jeg bruker nesten daglig? Og som kosta over 3t kr (för jeg la 200kr på å gjöre om det til tegnebord)? Da må jeg jo istedet kjöpe ett nytt og legge masse penger på det (og kaste bort de 200kr jeg brukte i jula), og dessuten få transportert det nye hit. Det der var et av de mest bakvendte forslagene enn så lenge.

  3. + at jeg ikke hadde värt interessert i å gi det vekk selvom jeg ikke hadde brukt det, jeg ville evt sette det i boden om jeg kjöpte nytt hvilket jeg som sagt bestemte meg for IKKE å gjöre.


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