Sunday, 10 January 2010


The IRC-channel #Tolkien on IRCnet has met several times.
Myself I have attended Nrkpg november 2000 (hosting with Spid and Inz), Nrkpg Halloween 2001 (hosting with Spid and Inz), Pori may 2002 (co-hostess with Beledra), Oulu june 2002 (I hitchhiked from Helsinki and up north, and back south again), and Tampere Midsummer 2003, as well as one in Helsinki/Vantaa I believe was in 2003 (there was snow) and one in Helsinki-Espoo sometime in the early 2000's. I have of course missed just as many or more. There was also a housewarming party in Nrkpg 2004 which was dominated by #tolkieneers.

Today I have found photos from the four first mentioned, and oh what a laugh. We were all so young, and such silly photoes, and the HAIR! Anyway, now they are shared with the FB-group - yes, we have moved into modern media though a bunch of us oldies still use IRC. Will this winter/spring bring a new meet? Hope so! I want to go :)


  1. I think it's pretty much up to someone to try to organize it, find a place and time, and all that. Considering that most of us are already closer to 30 than 20, scattered around and having commitments such as families etc. I guess it might be hard to get people assembled.

    I haven't been active on the channel for the past year-two-three or so, as I've been cutting down the general use of IM's (IRC included), and I don't know.. I would like to meet some people, and then again, don't care for a bunch of others at all.

    But! Come to Helsinki on summer time and we'll set up a semi-spontaneous picnic meet in some park or so :)

  2. At the moment we are actually discussing WHEN to have it (this winter/spring) and where seems fairly settled (Jkl). I would ofc go via Hki if I manage to go and try to have an extra day there. :)


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