Monday, 25 January 2010

Strategic Mistakes

I am very allergic to tomatoes. I get all sorts of reactions - extremely upset stomach, itchy skin, swelling throat. It is bad for me. Period. Unfortunately I tend to like tomato food like pasta sauces and other goodies. Still, no go, it isn't worth it when I get ill - the discomfort is bad enough that even I am convinced. For this reason I have avoided sun-dried tomatoes completely, seeing them as some sort of Concentrated Evil (and besides I am not THAT fond of fresh tomatoes, just cooked ones, so I probably wouldn't like them anyway).

Lately I have been going through one of my Need To Try New Stuff periods. It means I am learning to eat olives, among other things. That is, black olives, the green ones are still disgusting and I won't touch them. Expanding my range of taste, so to say.

One evening last week I looked at a sliver of sun-dried tomato in my sallad and instead of putting it aside, like I had done with all the previous slivers I had fished out of it, I put it in my mouth. Afterall, gotta try new stuff.

Now. Problem.




  1. :|

    With olives, do try the calamata ones - both green and black are good - as they are so much better than the small bulk-olives that there is.

  2. I have some of those in my fridge.


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