Friday, 22 January 2010

The Perfect Snowflake

Tuesday morning there was a flurry of snow as I walked to the metro. When I looked at my mittens they were all perfect snowflakes, you could see the structure. I was just looking and looking while waiting for my train. Nine while nine I'm waiting.

Wednesday evening I got a minor anxiety attack when I realised that thursday I was meeting a bunch of Scary Strangers in a Scary Place. Of course it wasn't scary at all when I came there and found them, and there was even a few known faces from last meetup, as well as from the interwebs. Lovely lovely people. Thanks for a great night!

Today I slept in with all of 30 minutes or so, woke up at 0530. Slow morning, eating sandwiches with orange marmalade and Norwegian cheese and drinking coffee and a big glass of water. I love having better time in the mornings, that we can sometimes work flexible hours and come in a bit later. Hanging around at home 30 minutes extra, writing a bit, or reading for a few minutes. Settles me and makes me in a good mood before the day to come.

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