Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Online Oniochalasia

I accidentally ordered something again.

To be honest, I am sorta looking forward until the next time I am so ill I can honestly say I am better off NOT going the, uhm.. 50? 100? meters down to the local grocery shop, because then I am gonna order my groceries online. The cost of delivery is just high enough that it isn't worth it unless I am buying ALOT (and I mean ALOT) of heavy stuff (flour, juice, milk, etc), or am so ill I shouldn't leave the flat. But am I looking forwards to it! Buying my GROCERIES ONLINE and having them DELIVERED TO MY DOOR! Pure bliss.

I love the web. The web brings me shopping without having to go in actual shops and deal with pesky people.

A few weeks back I had a book package I went to pick up (had to order the 5th and 6th Maisie Dobbs books online to get hold of them) and the guy at the place I get my post said "oh, where have you been, it's been aaaages!" when he saw me. Ahem. To be honest I try to order less because it is becoming embarrassing. Or maybe I should make places send the packages poste restante to other places, different places every time. Huh. Anyway I (for once) came up with a good reply WHILE I WAS STILL THERE, not ten minutes later, so I told him I had figured they had so much to do over Christmas that I wanted to give them a break.


  1. Haha, I do wonder sometimes if my mail place guy recognizes me and wonders what the hell all the stuff I order is. (It's mainly yarn. And random stuff.)

  2. I order... anything. If I can buy it online rather than go to a shop I tend to. Although I am trying to convince myself it might be worth the inconvenience of going to the city sometimes to buy things I know are there... Maybe...

    I haven't ordered yarn yet, because I haven't managed to get my shopping cart under the nice round sum of SEK 3000. And it should preferably stop at 500, not 3000+. Hrm. Same problem at amazon, I cannot choose what NOT to order.

  3. Oh, and because I have been unable to get a Swedish ID card after a decade here (someone that is related to me and can prove it that is in possession of such ID have to vouch for me, was the last reason of refusal.) I tend to be easily remembered. "The one with the passport that is NOT an EU-passport today either."

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