Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year Resolutions

I never have new year resolutions. They are silly, you can start new stuff any time and you'll just break them anyway.

However, this year I spontaneously got a new year resolution on the morning the 1st. I will start writing morning pages. At least one page every morning with my morning tea.

The reasons are multiple. The past year has seen me returning more to creating writing (and writing in general!) which is good. Need to get my hand back. Also, while I write alot here, there are things I should write down for my own sake which aren't necessarily meant for the public eye. And lastly, I accidentally bought a diary type notebook on a sale, might as well use it!

Another new thing I am learning: To knit the other way. With opposite hands. Mirroring my normal knitting. The reason? So I won't have to turn my work and purl when knitting stockinette that's not in the round. Lazy? Yes, certainly. However I also believe it will speed up my knitting when I get the hang of it, and it certainly isn't difficult. The hardest part at the moment is getting the right firmness (or looseness) on the knitting.

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