Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Maisie Dobbs

I am onto the fifth Maisie Dobbs book (author Jacqueline Winspear) - the first one had me crying through large parts of the book, the second and onwards have luckily been less emotionally exhausting and more of a completely addictive series to read. I started reading NYE and I have had to hunt down more books in the few weeks since that.

The first one (just called "Maisie Dobbs") I would recommend no matter if you like sleuthing stories or not, because it is a genre crossover and the detective story is a minor part in this first book. Lovely read, go get it!

PS: It is translated to Swedish, Mum. You can read it too.


  1. Kan tipse om som er rimelige, kjappe og også sender til norge. Vet ikke den norske adressen eller om svenske böker finns på den norske siten, men det fikser sikkert kundeservicen deres hvisikke.


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