Thursday, 28 January 2010

Herr Silme

Booked my plane tickets for going to Finland today. With my advancing age I have found time to become an issue and I am not up to spending many many hours in a ferry to go to my former home country, so flying it is.

In English-speaking countries I sortof accept that I have to fill in a title since titles are still used for politely addressing people you don't know - I don't like it but I accept it. And there's usually the possibility to choose a more generic title although it is still gender dependant and it makes me grit my teeth.

In Sweden (and for that sake Norway) titles feel archaic to put it mildly. Addressing someone as "Mr. Whatever" (or rather Herr...) would sound flippant at best were one to do it in a serious situation for instance with a customer.

Anyway, SAS gave me the option of choosing among the following: Herr, Fru, Frk.


So I chose Herr.

Hope security won't give me issues about it though... :D

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  1. I was Ms in the SAS online booking system for many years. No one cares ... >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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