Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Give-away knitwear...

I knit too much for myself to use, and the result is a stack of mittens and hats I do not use. I am willing to give it away - Want anything? Post a motivation in the comments of why exactly you should have the item of your desire (and which item struck your fancy). Anonymous comments are disregarded.

The entrelac hat is now finished and up for grabs if you Add Imagewant it. Acrylic yarn not wool so less scratchy. Made to fit a thick-skulled person (like me).

Here is another hat in the same yarn but not entrelac and a different colour.

These mittens are also available. They are wool, slimfit (ladies size in other words), and unlined, so best suitable for temperatures between -2 and 5c and not too windy conditions. If you ask really nicely I will consider lining them in velvet for you though, which will make them alot warmer. They look a bit twisted without hands in them but on they look nice.

I am almost done with a neckwarmer/tubular scarf (note that it is not a regular scarf but a circle that will wrap twice around your neck) in the same purple hue, wool. However I broke my pins so I have to buy new ones to finish it, thus some waiting time unfortunately. Should take me a day or so once I get the pins though. Here is a photo of the unfinished product draped over my arm like a minute ago.


Be nice!