Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Traditions are strange things.
And somehow it seems that some traditions demand more respect than others.

When my family vetoed my Christmas Eve menu, I suggested a compromise of having that food the day before, which they accepted. I am not particularly looking forward to tomorrows food, but I accepted it since it seemed important to them.

So far so good. However, today is "my day". And it doesn't seem they are taking it seriously.
I don't exactly know what is the problem. I have explained that I buy Indian takeout and reheat it later, eating it by the table on real plates, and that that is my Christmas Eve dinner. But when we came home now my brother declared that he is hungry and is going to eat NOW (after declining food twice in the two past hours), and when I say "hey wait a moment that's not what we agreed" mother shushes me and tells him to go ahead.

I feel a lack of respect towards my traditions. I wonder how they would react if I did the same with their christmas dinner.

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