Sunday, 6 December 2009


A while back Kit Whitfield wrote a blog post about how different people perceive the world in different ways. She took up as examples how movies to her is centered around dialogue and character interaction, while for her husband it is centered around the soundtrack. But she also mentioned other examples, and it all got me thinking a bit about the angle from which I view the world around me, which things I judge from.

This is turning into more of a list than a coherent tale...

- Colour. Colour interests me. Harmony of colour, but also clash of colour. Colours that don't quite match and that I have to be around alot can upset me deeply. A good example is the living room of my ex's flat; which had dark blue walls, a dark blue sofa in a different, not quite matching shade, and curtains of yet another dark blue tone (the curtains I exchanged for white ones with a blue pattern, and were, last I saw, still there. They helped.) I think about colour in my home too, I plan. It annoys me alot that the sofa I bought was, when it finally was delivered, not dark grey but a blue-grey colour. Not what I bargained for. Still, it is neutral enough that it works out - barely. At work there is alot of colours that while not exactly clash, not exactly match either.
- Light. I need natural light, enough so that plants can thrive. When they started covering the other half of the building in tarp to renovate the facade, I got very anxious for some days until I realised they were not (yet) covering my windows up for the winter.
- Green. I want green, and plants. Green is life and it soothes my eyes and brain. Looking at living plants removes anxiety and calms me down, makes me feel tranquil and content. I don't like snow because it covers up the green; warm winters with no snow or frost lets plants thrive.
- Privacy. I like large windows that let in alot of light but I cannot stand having people looking into my home. If I could design my own house it would be very private from the entrance side, hardly a window, and have walls and hedges making sure noone could see in from the open side. I like living high up due to this, noone outside my windows peeking in.
- When listening to music I have different focus each time. I like lyrics but I listen to the melody first. There must be a melody, or a beat, or a harmony to catch my attention. Then I will listen to many different pieces each time I listen to a song. Maybe for a while I will be focused on vocals, then I will only hear the beat and the rest is just accompanying the beat for some time, then I will suddenly focus in on some instrument or other and mainly hear that for several weeks.
- Balance. I like things to be centered. I get annoyed by uncentered things. Though a carefully balanced third of the way might be acceptable too (or similar). But just randomly throwing things down on a table annoys me. Tilted paintings, books not sorted by size or standing unevenly far in on the shelf makes me twitch (and I find that it is impossible to get books perfect!).
- Security. Probably connected with my privacy thing. I notice exits, entrances, vulnerable windows. I notice and approve of security chains and alarm systems.

It is probably impossible to list everything. But it set me thinking.

From what angles do you see your world? What makes you tick?

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