Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Oniochalasia and Bibliophiles.

I learnt something new about myself today. When I realised it, it did not truly surprise me however, it was more of an "ah, of course" thing. So what happened?

A colleague tipped me off that my favourite bookshop (or at least the one where I most frequently shops) are about to close and that they are selling out everything at a 50% discount. I have been planning what to order on amazon but I guess that can wait a month - I bought 14 books today. And it seems it is quite literally one from every genre, which is good - going to keep me occupied for the coming month.

When I came home I stacked them up in my bookshelf - I usually stack unread books in front of other books and place them more permanently once they are read. And looking at my neat stacks of books to read, I felt my shoulders relaxing and a feeling of safety descend on me.

My cat gets anxious if there is no or little food in his bowl. "I am going to starve!" he tells me. It seems I have a similar unconscious worry about books.

And slightly related: An acquaintance said of me many years ago that I suffer book-bulimia.

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