Saturday, 12 December 2009

Let's talk about food!

I was standing in the bar talking with some coworkers when suddenly Ola, one of the catering people came up to me and took my arm to get my attention. "Come, let's go and talk about food!" he said.

The most fun about that incident was seeing my coworkers' expressions - "easiest pick-up line ever" as one of them said.

The catering people had gotten my list early in the week, and had been pondering how to solve my problem. They did wonderfully, I was standing in the kitchen watching my lunch being prepared and stacked on a plate ("and I have peeled two carrots for you!"), and for dinner I got a few specially made meat balls and a bowl of sallad (potatoes, beans, lettuce, bellpepper), both times in addition to the couple of things on the buffet table I could eat - a buffet table which I had been guided through and gotten to know how and with what ingredients everything was made.

Great thanks to the people at Saluplats 30 (also here) for dealing with complicated diets professionally and with humour!

I think I am going to have to go by and see if I can buy some bread or something - the bread we got with dinner was REALLY good!

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