Friday, 18 December 2009

Let It Snow!

I enjoyed the snow for a couple of days and I would love to go sledding.

However the snow also brought something else with it - my joint pains blossomed up again. I have felt immortal for the last few months as my new medicines started working, but with the cold and moist inflammation rules me and walking is a problem. I don't know if I can knit still, I haven't dared try. It makes me angry and sad and makes me feel handicapped and old. It also makes me very tired physically and I haven't managed to work as much as I wished this week. The inflammation makes me tired (like a flu or cold) as well as affecting the quality of my sleep.

I am off for the coming week, mother and VK (my brother) are coming here to celebrate Xmas with me, ETA sometime Sunday. I have to clean this place up. If I can manage to move enough. No matter, it will be nice. And hopefully the rest and possibility to sleep in will make me feel better so the last few days of December can be productive.

I think I am going to go sit in the bathtub for an hour, the heat helps. I just hope I won't fall asleep.

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