Monday, 7 December 2009


Wireless laser printer:
I never did get technical support.
Brian, your suggestion sucked :(

Modesty Blaise glasses and cups:
Sorry, Kajsa. :/


  1. doh, don't they want any customers? :P

  2. Odd. You've got windows on your lappy, right? What happens when you add your printer via the control panel? Also, I read somewhere that one has to make sure that both the lappy and the wireless router are "802.11 compliant", whatever that means.

  3. Yea. And the lappy sees the printerx until I actually open the driver install thing. And the printer makes a chucky acknowledging noise (the "computer stopped talking to me I am going idle now" sound) a bit after.

    I checked the IP's manually and went through all the suggestions in the driver install. Finally I installed it over USB and now I am not sure if I have to remove that if I am to try again.

    I was mostly fishing for all my hp-support friends (former and current) to take the bait and help me though ;)

  4. Kajsa: Apparently not. :(

  5. Sorry my suggestion sucked!


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