Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December 2nd!


That means a whole lot of stuff is allowed.

For instance:
- giving your coworkers a chocolate calendar just because
- feeding people you are supposed to have staff responsibility for jelly beans with strange tastes just to see their reaction
- liking trees with lights on (as you can see if you read the backlog, this was not OK one month ago).
- sending and receiving cards, small gifts (sometimes homemade, sometimes bought, sometimes just chocolate or similar)
- eating ginger snaps with your buckets of tea (even at work)

Anything you would like to add? I probably forgot heaps.

Photo taken this afternoon in an unnamed part of Stockholm.


  1. Are you feeding them All Flavor Beans?

  2. 20-flavor - and I picked out all the normal ones, so they get the joy of eating "buttered popcorn" and other fun ones. Seriously, I think its fun to eat them too - one or two of each, then they lose the novelty thing and I start looking through the box for some "normal candy" ones. But SO much fun to feed them to people at work and watch their thoughtful expressions while they chew!


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