Tuesday, 10 November 2009

So angry not even mud cake made me happy again.

Had an emotionally exhausting day at work. Decided it would brighten my day a bit to get those worn ends cut off my hair. And that my fear of hairdressers were probably vastly exaggerated. I mean, even if it happened once (actually twice) before that I got most of my hair cut off when all I wanted was to trim the ends, it doesn't mean it would happen again right?

"COM-MUNI-CATION! is the key", I thought bravely.

So I explained I only wanted to cut the ends a bit, max 10 cm. I showed what 10 cm meant. The hairdresser guy showed too "this much, max". Yes! I thought it would be alright, so I let him start cutting.

He started by cutting off some 30 cm in the middle of the back.




Result: My hair went from below my waist to just above my shoulderblades. In the front it is above my nose. It is too short to put all of it in a pony tail.

I am mightily upset, I almost started crying in the chair. Too embarrassing. (Then he made the damage worse by insisting on blowdrying it all spiky straight which is a look I don't like at all, making me even angrier.)


  1. Been through the same thing, and now I am allergic to all kinds of soap, so dont know what to do....
    biig huug


  2. Ah yes. I didn't even mention that I couldn't sleep later on because I was itching like mad. :P

    Seems to run in the family, eh? I am allergic to everything at all it seems (urticaria). <3 sis!


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