Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Glasses (for the umpteenth time)

So. Yea. Like a year ago I started the process of quitting using glasses or other vision correction. Sometime early spring the process was done and I mostly see ok-ish without any aids. My insane number of glasses has been gathering dust since that (I think I have something like 8-11 pairs, I am not sure).

Today I ordered a new pair.

But they were so NICE! I can use glasses when they are that nice!
Recycled black acetate and inlays of recycled wood on the temples. Lovely!

I don't have any pictures except these tiny ones (which might die with time as I couldn't be bothered to save them), but the frames are from Jhane Barnes and the glasses are bought at :)

Semi-rimless/metal frame, acetate temples with recycled wood inlays.

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  1. Darn, I need new glasses too, but can't just get myself to get a pair since it's just so.. blah!

    But I definitely should get a pair or two, just to play around a bit, and get used to those contact lenses as well :)


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