Saturday, 21 November 2009

More hair, and...

I finished the christmas cards. I won't post pictures of them though. However I also finished a bunch of bookmarks for the cauldronites, and since they don't come here, I will post photos of some of them later.

And.. I still am annoyed at my hair. I just can't make it stay straight! This was after BOTH blowdrying AND using the straightening iron... 30 minutes later it was like this, which is the closest I get nowadays. Grrr. I can't wait for it to grow. I don't mind waves when they appear below chinlevel, but when it gets curly and or wavy around my face/skull I totally hate it. And sorry for yet another bathroom photo, it is the only place with enough light nowadays... OH! I saw the sun today, for the first time in a month! :D

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