Thursday, 26 November 2009

List of current facts:

- It sucks majorly to have to climb 8 flights of stairs with arthritic knees to get home. Both lifts out of order.
- I have a fat buddha, a red elephant, a rosey ball, five owls (different) and a vw beetle to hang on my christmas tree (I want a tree instead of bamboo this year).
- If it wasn't for all the people and me being rather tired, I could have spent aaaages walking around looking at Things and Stuff in the new and updated mall. But the people dissuaded me and I took a straight route to the metro after getting my christmassy things.
- Did I mention that it sucks to climb 8 flights of stairs? I did? Oh.

1 comment:

  1. Jeg har nå 15 timer + som jeg kan ta ut i uka før juleaften. Dvs juletre kan lett kjøpes der og kjøres hjem


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