Monday, 30 November 2009


I watched the first episode of the TV-series version of Largo Winch. It is seriously B so far. I think you have to be a fan of the comics to take interest in it at all, and alot of my amusement so far has been caused by comparing the actors' appearances against the ones of the comic characters. Not very impressive. I will probably watch a few more episodes though to see if it gets better.

In other news:
The lift works like every second time. This morning I had to take the stairs, when I came home it worked (after a long wait), then I had to go out again immediately and after a five minute wait it came (I saw it moving so I waited, since it could come any time, but it kept going past me). When I came back the last time however a five minute wait did not help and it was still sitting on the same floor, not moving. So I had to take the stairs. Bah.

But my keys are re-programmed and will continue to work, and I got the immense pleasure of telling the landlord-lady that I doubted it was "spare keys" causing the problem of all the people not supposed to be here getting in; rather the fact that a bunch of kids have a four digit code they share with everyone that asks. LOCK OUT THE KIDS! Or something.. if they live here they should have keys anyway.

Cat is trying to be friendly and only succeeding at annoying me, because his rubbing against me only reminds me of him being absolutely everywhere I tried setting my feet down in the hallway when I came home, tripping me several times and generally going on my nerves.

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