Sunday, 15 November 2009

Friday the 13th - 1 photo every hour.

I have for a while been thinking about doing the 1 photo every hour documentation of a day, but it's not been anything but thoughts and it was a bit daunting to do it on a working day (since alot of my days tend to be spent in meetings or coaching people). But friday was mostly reserved for administration so late thursday I decided that TOMORROW I'll do it! So I placed the camera by the bed.

At 0500 Linus figured it was morning and I should get up. He was right, of course.

0600: Time for the morning cocktail. It takes me 1h20m to get ready to go anywhere no matter when I get up, unfortunately. Slow to wake up...

0700, Spånga Station: Waiting for my bus.

0800: Planning.

0910 (forgot it at 9) - informal meeting in a back room to plan the day a bit.

1000: Thinking about Key Performance Indicators. What should they be and how do we measure them, and WHY do we do it?

1100: Our "E.T.-support" is wearing a very pretty dress today.

1200: I am just finishing lunch - risotto with sugar snaps. Doesn't look too appetizing this way though... ;)

1300: Back at my desk and more administration. I don't use qwerty, btw.

1400: They switched back to a completely undrinkable brand of teabags at work. I bring my own because of that - even Lipton is way better than that almost-but-not-quite-tea thing they have. Here: tRoT Earl Greyer teabags.

1500 and 1600: Spent sitting in two meetings in the same room. My teacup quickly became empty, talking about fire hazards and KPIs.

1700: Workday is formally over and I pack up my things. We have boxes for storage, a bit like a kindergarden, everyone have their own plastic box with their name on it. I put my tea bags in the box as a step in cleaning my desk for the weekend.

1800: Getting closer to home. Waiting for the Metro, Gröna linjen.

1900: I settle down to check my email and then read a bit. The cat wants to check his email too.

2000: Still reading.

2100: I put down the book to knit a bit before bed. Time to finish the second pair of space invader socks.

2200: I am tired and so is Linus, who tells me it is bedtime. I proceeded to sleep for 11 hours.


  1. This is so cool! I think I want to do this too! :D

  2. Yes, it's a fun meme.

    Hot tip is to set alarms in your phone for the hours though, else the chance you forget is high... (at least that was my experience).


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