Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wishes and stuff

My mother asked me what I want for christmas.

I opened my mouth (metaphorically, as it was a written question online) to answer and then shut it again.

The past few years I have decided on a specific item I want/need and I have gotten that, usually in advance or later. It is a really sad business not having any gifts on christmas eve and I usually fall asleep crying. Since this year is heading the same way (already got my birthday gift from mother, two months in advance, ho-ho merry christmas and happy birthday by the way, but I needed it and I am happy, don't misunderstand me.)

Last year my only christmas gift was the one from work, sitting in lonely majesty under my christmas bamboo. I knew what it was cause those rude fuckers at work tore open theirs right in front of me. Still.

So I compiled a wishlist for her. Here you go Mum - you can pick one or more items and surprise me.


  1. And because I can't be bothered to update the file:
    Kusmi tea is also available at Bagaren&Kocken in my link list. The coffee machine is available a bunch of places but costs the same everywhere.

  2. And I will accept the DVDs in a less original version too, especially if they are as complete. :)

  3. I can participate with that "Aurinkoinen" if they still have that tea in their selection! :)

    That won't be then a surprise, but maybe something else will!


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