Saturday, 24 October 2009


I sometimes see things that awakens a strong desire in me to own them, to use them daily. A shape, colour, pattern, use - mostly a combination.

I am a firm believer in the fact that useful things should also be beautiful (resulting among other things in my latest useful purchase; a bright pink bucket - 2009 pink ribbon edition from Vileda). This is also part of the driving force that makes me try to make things myself instead of buying them if it is within my power - I like my own design!

My latest infatuation is with a teapot from a Swedish designer, Gustav Kristensson. The series Halv åtta contains tea pot, jug and cups in stoneware. According to various press releases it comes in two colours (black and white) but I see photoes of it in two further colours, a blue grey and a heather colour. The company Vardagsbruk seems to share my philosophy of usefulness and beauty combined - Silme stamp of approval!

I really, really want the tea pot. Unfortunately it is apparently not in sale anywhere yet Edit: But it will be in sale from december, in Stockholm at Tehuset Java @Odenplan.

Maybe just as well, because I am at the moment unable to decide which colour of the four I like best!
If I were to get only the pot, probably white or maybe blue to fit in with everything else I have, but I also like the jug and cups, and if I were to get pieces from it all I would like purple or black - or maybe mixing them.. CRAVINGS!

Photos from the designer's homepage
(Now with permission)

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