Thursday, 1 October 2009

Karen Blixen was blogging

If Karen Blixen had lived in this age she would have had a blog. I find that she writes in that format in her books, and it makes me smile. The short texts, sometimes completely unrelated to the books topic as a whole, but very interesting in themselves. Her diary that she shares with her readers.

I like reading her musings and memories, I have not read any of her fiction. She expresses things exceedingly well:
People who dream
[...] know that the real glory of dreams lies in the atmosphere of unlimited freedom. [...] The pleasure of the true dreamer does not lie in the substance of the dream, but in this: that there things happen without any interference from his side, and altogether outside his control. [...] The ideas of flight and pursuit are recurrent in dreams and are equally enrapturing. [...] It is when one begins to lose the consciousness of freedom, and when the idea of necessity enters the world at all, when there is any hurry or strain anywhere, a letter to be written or a train to catch, when you have got to work, to make the horses of the dream gallop, or to make the rifles go off, that the dream is declining, and turning into a nightmare, which belongs to the poorest and most vulgar class of dreams.

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