Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Catastrophe zone

My balcony looks more like a warzone than ever, but it is actually just the cleaning left. Everything is sorted; most of what is to be thrown away (dead plants, cuttings, random detritus from planting) has been, the roses are winter covered, the various pots and planters that are to be taken indoors for the winter (and washed) are sorted out and stacked separately, and I have set 30 tulip bulbs, 20 double narcissus bulbs, and 10 snow drop bulbs.

Several hours spent outdoors sitting in spilled earth and on cold concrete - I was glad to get indoors and get changed into warm, dry and clean jeans!

I'll clean the wreckage up tomorrow :)

Now I will make spinach-feta pies. Hungry! What are you going to/did you eat?

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