Monday, 12 October 2009


I started cleaning. After running my vacuum cleaner back and forth for almost 15 minutes without any discernible result I started to realise I had a problem. I took the machine apart as much as I could to look for problems and finally had to admit it's dead and need replacing.

Follow one hour of intensive research about vacuum cleaners, prices, and delivery times. I would get most for my money by ordering online, but I want to clean NOW. Today.

Solution: Go out there and look for offline options. I started with the local grocery shop since I needed something to drink and bread anyway, planning to go to the large supermarket nearby and if no result there into town. But luck struck. There were three vacuum cleaners stacked by the vegetables in my local shop. They were more expensive than what I really wanted to pay but.. it was there. No carrying. And a brand I trust. And an environmentally friendly variation (energy saving and made out of recycled and recyclable plastic). So I bought it along with my bread. Convenience.

I've tested it and I am satisfied, it is a million times better than my old one. The only drawback is that my meagre savings are gone now.

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