Thursday, 1 October 2009


After being home with a cold for five days I felt rather well, still a stuffed nose and coughing a bit but alot of energy, so I went to work - there I was instantly told by a number of people to go home.
Thus, I am home the rest of the week. Deadly bored. Not amused. Ran out of books a number of days ago. And my air intake is still congested.

Oh, by the way, happy October 1st!

As a side-note I am considering giving up roses on my balcony. They need to be out in the weather to be truly happy, under the roof the pests are thriving. I had to euthanise most of my plants, cut down the roses more or less completely. Bitter, bitter. I haven't decided what to do next year, but I know I will wait until I have a better place for it with adopting the rose from Gran.

I might get rid of the roses and go with bamboo as well as planting bulbs, and specifically looking for plants that are mostly pest free. Damn.. I really like roses and I would love to cover an entire wall with my climbing rose. But as I said, it needs rain and wind to stay pest free.

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